Ohio, Flu, DMCA, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, December 29, 2013

The state of Ohio has started a registry for repeat drunk drivers. And by repeat I mean five or more times.

WebMD has launched a site to track flu outbreaks through crowdsourcing. Sponsored by Mucinex.

Dick Eastman has an article on the release of an online version of the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States.

GigaOM has an extensive article on useful iOS apps for after the picture has been taken.

Interesting: how does Google Maps calculate your ETA?

From TorrentFreak: an article reviewing the DMCA takedown requests received by Google as well as which ones were getting discarded. “In 2011 Google was asked to remove less than 10 million links from its search engine, which quickly grew to more than 50 million last year. In 2013 the notices nearly quintupled again, and at the time of writing Google has been asked to remove more than 235 million URLs.”

Smashing Magazine points to http://uinames.com/, which is a rock-simple name generator for UI mockups or anything else that needs a placeholder I suppose. I always end up using the names of Flintstones characters.

According to Pew (Pew pew pew pew!) over a quarter of Internet users download or listen to podcasts. And yet the iTunes interface for podcasts is dreadful and I still don’t know about a good search engine.

Via Joyce Valenza: 5 Good Chrome Extensions for students and teachers. Good morning, Internet…

I love your comments, I love your site suggestions, and I love you. Feel free to comment on the blog, or @ResearchBuzz on Twitter. Thanks!

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