Yahoo, AOL, More: Skinny Tuesday Buzz, April 22, 2014

Another good one from Social Media Examiner: How to use Twitter hashtags as a prospecting tool.

Yahoo continues to slip on its search share. “It would appear that Yahoo is continuing its long, slow, market-share decline and about to slip into single-digits for the first time. In absolute numbers, however, Yahoo search query volumes were up. So were Yahoo’s rivals.”

Zooniverse has a new crowdsourcing project: Condor Watch. “We need you to look at some photos of condors taken by our motion-activated cameras. By identifying the tag number of each condor and their behavior around the feeding carcass, we can judge if the bird’s eating or social problems can reveal lead poisoning.”

Looks like Pinterest has a big product announcement scheduled for next week.

Nice: 9 Free Books for Learning Data Mining and Data Analysis.

The things I miss working my day job: apparently there was/is an AOL e-mail spoof/hack thing going on. Interesting notes in the comments.

Just in case you need them: How to find stock photos that don’t suck. Good evening, Internet…

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  1. “The things I miss working my day job: apparently there was/is an AOL e-mail spoof/hack thing going on. Interesting notes in the comments.”

    There may be “interesting notes in the comments” but I couldn’t find any comments…. I’m interested because I received a strange email message from a friend of mine who has an AOL account. When I told her on the phone (that her account had been hacked) she didn’t believe me, and said that it must be mine (both of them!) that were compromised. Now it’s my turn not to believe her. I may have been wrong about the hacking; her account could indeed have been spoofed, but from there to having my (in this case, receiving) accounts compromised somehow, I don’t believe it.


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