Glass, Doctors, More: Short Saturday Afternoon Buzz, May 3, 2014

Over on Techdirt, an article on a new paper that argues for copyright reform. “The paper does a great job talking about how a return to more original copyright principles makes sense. Furthermore, it notes that there is no credible economic evidence that longer copyright terms are good for the economy or the public, and in fact, nearly all of the actual evidence says quite the opposite. It discusses the increasing clout and power of the Hollywood lobbying industry which has made copyright term extension a regular feature, based on FUD and fears about how terrible the world would be if there were a thriving public domain.”

Digital Trends takes a look at a Google Glass teardown. 80 bucks for parts? Google says that’s wrong but won’t elaborate.

Flickr has a new blog.

From New York Magazine: The Great Facebook Deep Clean. Basically how to declutter Facebook. I find lists helps, also following fan pages via RSS.

Wikimedia has a new executive director.

Interesting: doctors are using search engines more often to make clinical decisions. Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. About the link to
    “The site has a very poor reputation based on user ratings” (from WOT.)

  2. Love your site!
    Read it every day, via RSS feed.

    But in this link,
    (in your latest post):

    WOT sez:
    “The site has a very poor reputation based on user ratings”
    …with a RED warning, of all things!

    Hope everything ok…
    best from SF

  3. Enjoyed the movie review. You have a wonderfully informative and casual way of writing. Always look forward to the newsletter. Thanks!

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