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Short Morning Buzz, November 22th, 2014


From Buffer: Counterunitive tips for using Twitter well. I don’t like a lot of the Twitter articles I see because they feel like primers on how to hustle people on Twitter. This one is better.

Cycle World now has an online digital archive (it’s a paid service.)

Yemen is adding Ottoman scripts to a digital library. “The Yemeni Manuscripts Department are restorating 20,000 Ottoman scripts to a digital library, with many of them written in Ottoman, Turkish Arabic and Persian script. The works that are held at the Yemeni Manuscripts Department in Old Sana’a, are being rebound and restored.”

Now available: an online database of German companies and branches in the United States (PRESS RELEASE). This is a pay-to-access database.

WordPress 4.0.1 is now available. It’s a security release so upgrade upgrade upgrade!

The Oxford Dictionary word of the year is… vape. “Usage of vape peaked in April 2014 – as the graph below indicates – around the time that the UK’s first ‘vape café’ (The Vape Lab in Shoreditch, London) opened its doors, and protests were held in response to New York City banning indoor vaping. In the same month, the issue of vaping was debated by The Washington Post, the BBC, and the British newspaper The Telegraph, amongst others.” At least it wasn’t normcore. Good morning, Internet…

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Clearing My Text Editor: Evening Buzz, November 19th, 2014

NaNoWriMo has completely gone off the rails. Amazing that writing down some words could be so full of drama! I’ll keep plugging away but I’m not going to win.

Facebook has launched “Privacy Basics”. “Privacy Basics includes a FAQ about Facebook’s different privacy features, including blocking and unfriending, as well as post visibility. It uses simple language, as well as bold primary colors and pretty graphic design to take people through their own privacy settings, showing them privacy settings grouped by what they make visible to others, what others can do to interact with them on the site, and what kind of information they’ll see in their feed from both friends and pages, and advertisers.”

Brian Clay takes a quick look at Google Inbox. Nothing I’ve read makes me want to rush to download this.

Skype is coming to your browser.

Google: now with Hodor Easter eggs.

From Matt Cutts: How to install a Chrome extension from GitHub. (Obviously you would need to REALLY REALLY REALLY trust anything you want to install this way.)

Is Facebook going to make a work product?

Tech companies are lobbying to curb NSA surveillance. Good luck with that.

Did you know Google has a time zone converter? Good evening, Internet…

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Star Wars, Science, Twitter, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, November 15th, 2014

Why yes, there IS an online archive of Star Wars art. I love the steampunk AT-AT.

UNESCO has launched the World Library of Science. “The library will be accessible to internet users everywhere in the world, at no cost. The majority of the content is for university-level students, giving them resources to ‘complement their learning’.”

Now available: an online archive of 1950s health and medicine broadcasts. “The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) and New York Public Radio (NYPR) have digitized and released a treasure trove of 1950s WNYC radio broadcasts that feature significant voices from the past and provide a unique view of the medical and health concerns of American in the 1950s. The broadcasts brought lectures from the groundbreaking NYAM series Lectures to the Laity and For Doctors Only out of the halls of the Academy to a broad public audience, offering a new form of access to timely discussions on medicine, health, and culture.”

FamilySearch has added more good stuff. “Notable collection updates include the 1,395,009 images from the Canada, Nova Scotia Probate Records, 1760-1993 collection; the 396,405 images and 396,405 indexed recordsfrom the US, BillionGraves Index collection; and the 389,387 indexed records from the South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004 collection.”

Twitter wants to get back together with Google. If this happens – and I’m not optimistic – Google will soak Twitter. Twitter needs Google a thousand times more than the other way around.

UCLA has created a new tool to let searchers get California health statistics by zip code, city, or legislative district. “AskCHIS NE covers a wide range of health topics, including rates of health insurance, chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes, and behaviors like smoking and physical activity; quality of children’s health; and access to health care and mental health care; and much more.”

Microsoft has joined Instagram.

From Razor Social, a roundup of The best podcast software and tools.

Buffer, which I use every day, has a free eBook of Twitter tips available. Good afternoon, Internet…

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Kickstarter, TIME, Montevallo, More: Short Saturday Morning Buzz, November 15th, 2014

BusinessWire and ITDatabase have teamed up to launch TechCalendar for tech events (press release, of course). “TechCalendar features a number of options for tech companies to track events important to their brand: one-click ‘following’ of relevant opportunities, the ability to search, find and track specific consumer and enterprise topics of interest, easy options to follow specific event organizers, and a variety of sharing and exporting tools for easy data integration.”

Google has launched a new tool to track illegal fishing worldwide. “Google Inc. has teamed up with mapping company SkyTruth and marine-advocacy group Oceana to create a prototype interactive tool, aimed to track illegal fishing world-wide. This new tool called Global Fishing Watch was launched in Sydney.”

TIME Magazine has opened a digital archive. It looks like everything back to 1923 is available, and access is $40 a year – and that includes a subscription to the magazine.

The University of Montevallo (Alabama) has launched a digital archive for local newspapers. “The W.M. ‘Mack’ Wyatt Digital Archive will serve as a repository for archived newspapers printed in Montevallo and Shelby County, particularly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

The City of Baltimore will begin building an online database of police brutality lawsuits. “Baltimore officials will begin this month posting the outcomes of all civil lawsuits alleging police brutality and will reconsider their policy of requiring plaintiffs to keep silent after settlements are reached — part of a series of changes made in response to a six-month Baltimore Sun investigation of police misconduct.”

Now there is an online archive of Kickstarter projects which received absolutely no funding. As in zero. There are over nine thousand projects here.

WordPress has released WordPress 4.1, beta 1. Good morning, Internet…

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Adobe, Facebook, Google, More: Morning Buzz, November 13th, 2014

Google has launched Fiber for Small Business.

Adobe has done a big patch update for Flash player, so be sure to update.

Yahoo has purchased ad company BrightRoll. And apparently has no plans to shut it down!

Google Trends now shows what’s trending on YouTube.

From Search Engine Journal: Google News drives more traffic than Facebook. “Digiday reports that Google still sends 35% of a publisher’s total referral traffic, while Google News makes up 10% to 25% of a publisher’s total traffic.” This doesn’t surprise me at all, as Facebook seems more focused on keeping people on-site while Google News is more of a waystation.

YouTube has finally launched its music service. At the moment it’s invite-only.

Using the Twitter firehose to find out how late people sleep on Sundays.

The Twitter timeline is going to get some changes. Because apparently just giving us lists of recent tweets is too easy.

Facebook has launched a new Places directory but apparently it’s not ready for prime time. “The new directory invites a Place lookup by city name or other place name. The search box doesn’t respond to all queries and even common local queries. For example, ‘best sushi London’ doesn’t deliver any results. In my tests I also couldn’t look up individual businesses that I knew had Facebook Pages.”

Google has already created a doodle for the comet landing. Good morning, Internet…

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Wolfram|Alpha, Fold3, Flickr, More: Morning Buzz, November 12th, 2014

From How-To Geek: How to find and remove duplicate files on any operating system.

Wolfram|Alpha now offers step-by-step solutions for definite integrals.

Greenbot compares Google’s Inbox to the regular ol’ GMail app. Haven’t tried Inbox yet. After reading this article I’m not rushing off to do so, either…

Marketing Land looks at a possible different direction for Google Glass. “Whether or not Google wants to publicly admit it, the company knows it’s not a home run in its current form. Perhaps that’s why Google is taking a big gamble on a shadowy little startup called Magic Leap. Magic Leap, Inc., a Florida-based software development company, has raised $542 million in series B funding led by Google Inc., with participation from several other well-known venture capital firms.”

Amazon Cloud Drive now has its own API.

Mozilla has launched an Oculus-compatible virtual reality site. Anybody remember VRML?

YouTube has struck a licensing deal with many small record labels. I guess this means we’ll be seeing a streaming music service any day now —

Yahoo Japan has started a genomics analysis service.”The service allows users to investigate disease risk factors including 22 different kinds of cancers, diabetes, cardiac infarction, cerebral stoke, etc. as well as physical condition factors such as muscle strength, blood pressure, amount of alcohol intake, blood urate level, etc. It can analyze about 290 items, and even conduct family analysis telling where a group with the same gene as yours originated and its migration over time.”

Fold3 is offering free access to its World War II collection through the end of the month.

Interesting! Flickr is offering a free travel photography Webinar. Good morning, Internet…

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Chromecast, Shutterstock, Ocho, More: Tuesday Evening Buzz, November 11th, 2014

From The Technology Review: mining Twitter to see how weather affects mood.

Instagram has launched a people discovery tab. “Your friends may not be the best photographers, so Instagram today launched a second ‘People’ Explore tab that highlights great Instagrammers and three of their recent pics. Instagram also now lets you edit old captions in case you had a typo or want to be more poetic.”

Google will be leasing Moffett Field from NASA for the next 60 years.

Shutterstock has released an online video editing tool.

The British Library has provided an update about its collecting of World War I Web sites. “The collection has been growing steadily over the past few months and now totals 111 websites. A significant subset of the WW1 special collection comes from the output of the Heritage Lottery Funded projects. The collection also includes websites selected by subject specialists at the British Library and nominations from members of the public.”

An interesting Tumblr documents human errors (and interesting doodles) in Google Book scans.

Are you feeling limited by the six seconds of Vine videos? Need more horizons in which to expand? Okay. How about eight seconds?

Chromecast, now with family-friendly games. Good evening…

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