An Alternative Interface to Google’s Image Search

Hey, this is quite nice! If you want to search Google’s images but you want a bit of a different interface, check out Imagery at It’s an alternative search that provides a lot of image information in a really nice format. Warning: it only works in Firefox 1.5+. I tried it in Opera and it did weird things.

Start with a simple keyword search on the front page, though a preferences switch will bring you a quick menu of options. I did a simple search for cow.

The search results appear in sets of 20 thumbnails at a time (you can change that, but the default is 20.) Hold your mouse over a picture and you’ll get a gray bar under the query box that gives you size and name information about the image. You’ll also get a green box on a gray box that shows you the size of the image in relation to the size of your screen. (Nice!). Options to open the original page and a larger version of the image in a new window are available.

Click on an image and the image will load in its larger version on the results page. Mouseover THAT image and you’ll see another set of options, including the ability to zoom out and in to the image, as well as zoom the image to fit your screen. You’ll also again have the option to open the source page and open the image in a new window.

This is a really nice interface. Well thought out and allows you to do a lot of searching and viewing without leaving a page. Too bad it’s so browser-restrictive but I guess all the features made it necessary. Kudos.

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