LexisNexis Launches Corporate Affiliations Service

LexisNexis has launched a new site that provides linkage information for almost 200,000 parent companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries. You’ll have to pay large bucks for full reports, but you can get a decent amount of information just with the free search. Start your browsing at

You can do a simple keyword search, browse by name, or use the advanced search which allows you to pile on the variables including stock ticker, keywords, city, state, and phone number (!!)

I did a simple keyword search for Disney and got two pages of results (pages list a maximum of 15 results.) The result listing includes the name of the company, location, type of company (whether it is the parent of a hierarchy or a member) and the price of a report. The price seems to be dictated by the extensiveness of the report. For example, all the Disney reports I found were $310.99, except for Euro Disney SCA which was $9.99.

Click on the name of the company and you’ll get contact information for the company, Web site address, business description, and NAICS Code. You’ll also get an idea of how extensive the company’s hierarchy is, and a link to a sample report so you can see what they look like. Prices for reports seem to vary a lot; all of those found for a keyword search Google were $69.99, all those found for Microsoft were $199.99, and Yahoo Japan’s was $239.99, while the other reports were $99.99.

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