Paul Bausch Updates Amazon RSS Feed Generator

The Amazon Web Services blog recently announced that Paul Bausch has updated his Amazon RSS feed generator. It was cool before, but now — yippee! You can check it out at

There are two ways you can run a search: you can do a enter a keyword, enter a product type, and then enter a results sort (publication date, bestselling, review, price, etc.) You also have the option to use Amazon’s “power search” and then choose a sort option.

Once you’ve filled in the blanks for a feed, the feed generator shows it to you along with several chicklets to subscribe the RSS feed to several popular RSS feed readers. Feeds include a cover image, essential book information (ISBN, publication date, publisher, Amazon price) and description.

Great stuff as always from Paul. One suggestion — how about a pulldown menu option to specify how many items appear in the RSS feed?

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