ResearchBuzz Link Problems, Fixed (I Think)

ResearchBuzz has been having some link problems. I had been getting some complaints about it but must give massive props to reader YD who not only pointed out the problem but also noted that it appeared to be a WordPress bug. I had already tried to get rid of the editor mentioned, but didn’t realize I had to turn off the editor both at the Options level and at User level. (I write the ResearchBuzz entries in a text editor before I post them so they can be spell-checked, etc.)

The rich text editor has been turned off and yelled at, I will go back and fix the old entries, and it shouldn’t happen again. Now, if I can just find a plug-in to get rid of those $@&%*(@! Smart Quotes and derivatives… (I found a pointer to one, but it led to a 404 page)

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