Time Out For Musing: Official Corporate Blog Filter?

So I’m working on a presentation and I just added this to my speech notes about mainstream adoption of blogs:

Expected but not yet available: a search engine that indexes only “official”/sanctioned corporate blogs.

And then I blinked a couple of times and realized that really, this would not be THAT tough to do. Is anyone offering an “official” filter for blog search?

I bet you could write a bot that sucks in the URLs of the Fortune 500, googs for patterns matching common blog software on those domains (particular phrases, strings in urls), and spits out a list of likelys. Then you could hire a gang of mechanical turks to eyeball your list and yes/no ’em. That’d get you started, then you could solicit visitors for the independent employee (but still sanctioned) ones, the more obscure company ones, the non-corp (LAPD) ones, etc.

That sounds fun. I wish there were 32 hours in the day. Or that I needed less sleep.

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