LTDL Adds Multimedia Collection

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) has announced adding a multimedia collection to their archive.

The LTDL already holds more than seven million tobacco industry documents that relate to sales, advertising, etc. The new multimedia items include corporate meeting tapes, focus groups, hearings, and commercials.

The collection itself is available at However to get to the multimedia you probably want to start at the search page. Here you’ll have an option to choose what you want to search; eliminate everything except the multimedia.

I did a search for focus. I got 131 results. Results listed descriptions of the items (lots and lots of focus groups), company, subject keyword, access information, etc. None of these results, I found, were available online. However when I did a search for Marlboro I found that some of the search results had an additional link: “View Now at: Internet Archive”. That link takes you to a standard page which includes a link for streaming the multimedia. LTDL documents available this way include over 45 minutes of Marlboro commercials from 1956-1957 (in one collection), Camel commercials, and congressional hearings from the 80s and 90s.

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