Database of Advertising Devoted to Sustainability

Thanks to the folks at Grist for the pointer to Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications, brought to you by the United Nations Environment Program. This site is, as UNEP describes it, “the first international online database of corporate and public advertising campaigns specifically dedicated to sustainability issues and classified by sustainability themes.” The Gallery is available at

There are over 700 ads in the database, and appear to be a combination of print and TV commercials. The ads can be looked at all at once, browsed by theme (from “Agriculture & Fisheries” to “Waste & Recycling”) or searched by simple keyword or an advanced search (which includes the ability to narrow down by country or advertiser.)

I did a simple keyword search for water and got 12 results. Results ranged from public service ads in Spain to a French ad for a solar water heater. The television ads play within the ad detail pages, while you can get larger pictures of the print ads (sometimes they still weren’t large enough to appreciate the detail.) Details for ads include varying amounts of information but the most detailed include context, philosophy, results, date the campaign began, language, and tagline.

Advertisers are encouraged to submit an ad but you will be required to register with the database (requires an e-mail and a password.) Interesting set of advertising.

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