GMail Now Offering Full Delete

If you’ve used GMail at all you might have found yourself frustrated at deleting lots of messages; you basically had to delete messages 100 at a time until you were done. If you were trying to slog through a lot of junk this was very time consuming.

GMail now offers the ability to delete all the messages in your mailbox in one go; same for Spam and Trash boxes too. What a nice feeling to torch the contents of my Spam box in one swell foop.

This brings me to a mild rant. Today at work we had an (un)pleasant experience with the Burger King site; it insisted on loading a giant Flash animation before we could do what we wanted to do — look at the menu. Web sites think nothing these days of loading up Flash animations, image-loaded pages, and other crufty creations that push your bandwidth to its limit. But in the meantime it’s the default of many sites to get results and item listings only ten at a time. I wonder what the reasoning behind that is, now.

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