Make Buttons Quickly With Web-Based Tool

Figuring out complex search queries? No problem. Making a little button to put on my Web page? I am officially overwhelmed. Thank goodness for online tools like Buttonator ( ), which allows even graphics schleps like me to make decent-looking graphics.

Buttonator is extremely easy to use. Button templates are on the right. Click and drag the one you want into the “Button Preview” window. Click on the text to change it. Once you’re satisfied with that (the button will automatically resize so it’s appropriate for your text) look below the preview window. There you can change the properties of the button text (font (selection is somewhat limited), font size, and the width of the button) and the color of the button and button text. Once you’re satisfied with the button you can download it as a .gif file.

This button maker isn’t a substitute for making superfancy buttons, or even a button with an unusual fonts. But when you quickly need to knock up a button for a Web page, this is really handy!

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