Using Articles to Find Interesting Blogs

This seems like a useful tool when I’m interesting in an article that’s a bit outside my sphere but want to find similar sources of information, commentary, etc., at, takes articles you specify and finds what folks who linked to that article on also linked to.

For my test run of the site I tried the article The People Formerly Known as the Audience. When I plugged that in to, I got a list of sites that was somewhat journalist-oriented — CyberJournalist, Poytner — with some general news sites and blogs thrown in. When I tried to get do a link: at Google, I got NO results (yikes!), while a link search at Technorati found 20 posts over the last four days, sorted by freshness and containing a few duplicates.

Actually I didn’t find much overlap between the Technorati and the results. They might be good tools to use in conjunction with each other…

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