IEEE, Circa 1913

Back in 1913, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) was known as the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers). I know that because the IEEE has digitized the first seven years of what was to become the “Proceedings of the IEEE” but were then known as the “Proceedings of the IRE.” These issues ran from 1913 to 1919, and you can explore them at

It looks like the first few years have four issues a year, and then after that there are six issues a year. Choose a year and then choose an issue you want to browse. You’ll get a list of articles, which include title, author, page numbers, links to an abstract or the full article in glorious PDF, and links to information on rights and permissions. Unfortunately to view the full articles you’ll need to log into IEEE; abstracts and citation information only are available for non-member browsers. Alas, abstracts are not available for many of these early issues; I was looking forward to reading the one for “Recent Developments in the Work of the Federal Telegraph Company”.

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