Big Ol’ Coupon Site

With gas prices at about fifty billion dollars a gallon, you might be feeling the pinch. You might find some ideas for saving money at CouponCabin at , which has a huge coupon search engine.

Coupons are listed a couple of ways: by store (from Inkjet to Zazzle; there’s a number that indicates how many coupons are available and an icon to indicate if there’s an active “coupon code” that’ll give you instant savings) or by category (I didn’t like this as much; there weren’t that many categories. Categories included apparel, electronics, books and magazines, etc.)

What the coupons are varies a lot. Some of them are codes (click here for 10% off your order), some of them are more like specials (free UPS shipping this week) and some of them are more like actual coupons (save 15% off your order of window blinds.) What I like about the listings is that clear expiration dates are given, and there’s a note as to when the coupon was added as well as last tested.

In addition to viewing coupons en masse, you can also look at only printable coupons, coupons expiring soon, stores in retail malls, free shipping offers, etc. There were some nice ones in the printable coupon section, including a Borders coupon for 15% off one item (hmmm…) I am focusing on the coupons here but CouponCabin does offer other tools for the savvy consumer, including a price comparison tool, forums, a “Favorite Deals” page, and a list of the top 50 most popular coupons.

I’m not usually fond of coupon/comparison sites as usually they just seem like big affiliate plays. But I like the way CouponCabin was organized, there were a lot of tools and coupons available, and it seemed like much effort is being expended to keep to coupons/specials listings fresh. Worth a look.

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