ViewDo a Respository for Instructional Videos

Want to know how to shuffle poker chips? Want to install that knowledge on an iPod? Do I have the Web site for you. ViewDo, at, offers a library of instructional videos that you can download to your iPod.

You do have to register to view the videos on the site. Unfortunately the registration is rather intimidating — you have to agree to a giant terms of service and then you have to provide things like your birth date and your zip code. (??? Strangely enough, your name is not required while your birth date is.) Once you get through that and the confirmation code, you can log in.

Once you’ve logged in, you can view the most popular videos on the front page, or you can browse through the categorical “DoPartments”. Lists are plain with just the title and a brief description of the instructional video.

The videos themselves varied a LOT. There was one about jumping a dead car battery that was about a minute and half long that was nicely narrated, had warning icons. There were a few that were just a view of two hands playing Coldplay on a piano. There was one about five minutes long on changing an electrical outlet — very informative but the narrator could have used a mike. Each video page has a description, length, tools required, time to complete, and cost to complete. There’s also a place to add your comments and a link to download the video.

In addition to the videos themselves, the site also has forums (including a discussion area where you can request ViewDos. Among those on request are “How to Milk a Cow” and “How to Outrun an Alligator.”) as well as a page listing contributors (just a few at the moment) and a page for submitting your own ViewDos. The site’s blog is available at

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