New York Landmarks Conservancy Launches Endangered Buildings Online

The New York Landmarks Conservancy recently launched a database of New York City buildings that are in bad shape and need restoring. The database actually has over 20,000 buildings in it; “red” buildings (those in the worst shape) are available for reviewing online at

There are several ways to browse the buildings; by year built, architect, architectural style, building materials, name/address, and borough. I decided to look at the structures built before the 1830s.

I got six results in a list that included a thumbnail of the image, building name, borough, and neighborhood. Click on the name of the building to get a history of the building and its current status, as well as a slightly larger picture (but unfortunately not NEARLY large enough) and a detail list that includes condition, building materials, year built, and NYC Designation Status (“Landmark”, “Historic District”, etc.) Each building’s page also includes a form; the public is invited to provide more information/history about these buildings.

I would have liked to see larger pictures, though I suppose those would have been even more depressing. When you’ve gone through the database, back up and look at, which provides information on the New York Landmarks Conservancy, their technical journals, and tours of historic New York landmarks (hmm.. have to look into that next time I’m in NYC…)

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