New Database of Charitable Donations Available

There’s a new database of over twelve million searchable records of individual, foundation, and corporate donations to US-based charities. Is it a pay service? Of course it is, but you can get some of the information for free. Noza is available at

From the front page you can do a search for donor name, city and state, and gift date. Though it looks like an individual search, you can do a company search with this form as well.

I did a search for Starbucks. I got 858 results, shown in lists of ten at a time. Here’s where the free limitation kicks in; there are only four visible fields on the free search results. They are Donor, Gift Year, City, and State. A total of 12 fields are available with a paid account, as you’ll see on the results page sample. (Additional fields include giftee, gift range, organization scope and category, and link to Web source.

Actually getting an account and reviewing the records isn’t that expensive. The pricing model is explained at; you can start an account for $10 and get 100 “credits” (1 credit reads 1 record.) Credits get cheaper bought in bulk; $1,200 buys 40,000 credits.

Noza has an overview of their data at and a FAQ about their services at Currently about a million records a month are being added to the database.

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