Hundreds of Antique Fishing Lures

Hey: follow your bliss. And if your bliss is antique fishing lures, so be it. Mr. Lurebox, at, contains information about and pictures of hundreds — yes, hundreds — of antique fishing lures. What I know about fishing you could carve on a neuron with a number-ten nail, but this guy is so interested he gets YOU interested.

Go ahead and start with the main reference page at . Here you’ll get a listing of the major lure companies, and beneath that a giant listing of more minor tackle companies.

I looked at one of the majors, Coldwater. I got a page with a table listing a dozen different lures, from the Eureka Wiggler to the Eureka King. Each lure has an extensive description (including notes about the box, date information, distinctive markings on the lure, etc.) and a picture. Clicking on the picture takes you to a slightly larger picture in its own page.

(Some of these lure designs — removing the hooks, of course — would make nice USB flash drives.)

In addition to the company manufactured lures, there’s also a page dedicated to handmade lures on this site. And, of course, Mr. Lurebox buys antique fishing lures. Interested in collecting yourself? Check out his tips for beginners.

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