Get Some Google Help

As you probably know Google has lots and lots of lots of properties at the moment. It’s getting tough to keep up! For those of you who want to become proficient users of all of them (or at least as many as possible) check out Google’s new Help Pages feature, at

This page points to Google help sites for everything from Web search to AdSense to Google Base to enterprise and analytics solutions. There are also specialty pages for using your Google Account and an A to Z help index, which frankly looks a little thin.

This level of help is not going to get you into URL hacking and syntax mixing and the answers to those nagging Google questions that you can’t seem to answer (go to Google’s advanced search page and search for instances of the word “Fred” in the last three months. Now search for instances of the word “Fred” all time. Why are there more instances in the last three months than there are all time?) but nice to have a one page roundup of all the “official” help.

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