Take Your Google Home Page With You

It’s interesting; I have very little use for a portal page on my computer’s Web browser. But on my cell phone — that’s a different matter entirely! Google has recently made it possible to customize a home page for your cell phone and take it with you; check it out at

If you’ve ever used Google’s custom home page form you know how it works; there’s a page with modules on it which you can click and drag around. In the case of the mobile phone customization the regular home page is on the right with modules on it. On the left is a picture of a phone screen. Click an drag the modules you want onto the phone screen. I don’t see a way to explore more modules to add to the phone; is what’s on the screen it? (Modules there include weather, top stories, New York Times headlines, etc.)

Once you’ve got the phone screen the way you want it (it’ll expand vertically as you add more modules, which is really odd, but ignore that) you can get to it by doing one of two things. First way is to go to on your cell phone’s browser. That’ll prompt you to log into your Google account and get to your personalized page.

The second way is to give Google your cell phone number and your carrier, and Google will send you the URL of your phone! Which is actually, so it’s the same thing as typing in the URL directly except you save a few seconds.

I would really enjoy a portal page on my phone. I would enjoy it a lot more if there were more modules available than the ones I was looking at; surely that isn’t all there is to it?

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