Internet Brands Launches Wikipedia for Cars

Internet Brands has announced the launch of Wikicars, now available at

The site is new, of course, but is already populated with a lot of information including a hybrid guide, specs for a wide variety of cars, and odd little car-oriented lists (What the Stars Drive, The Most Expensive Cars, etc.) There were also a huge number of pictures here compared to what I usually see in Wikipedia.

Though this is a Wiki, it doesn’t strictly conform to what I think of as the spirit of Wikipedia. I think of Wikipedia as an attempt to create a clearinghouse of objective information. While Wikicars does have a number of articles that appear objectively written, it also has reviews. For example, the review for the Toyota Prius is at

I’m not horribly offended by that, but you should keep in mind that there are both articles and reviews here. Happily the review was very clearly marked.

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