A New Way to Measure Online Video Popularity

This is a little off-topic, but I’m just amazed. This really brings home the idea that online multimedia — especially video — is getting really popular.

WorldTV has announced that it is starting Internet TV Charts, a way of tracking the most popular video across YouTube, Google Video, Digg, and VideoSift. New charts will be released every Sunday at 7pm. (There will be editorials in place to filter out “objectionable content” and highly-viewed but low-rated content. Unfortunately there will also be a filter to remove non-English content; how about some international and non-English charts?) In the future there will aso be daily charts for popular videos.

At the moment you can see the charts at The charts include top ten lists from the aforementioned YouTube, Google Video, Digg, and VideoSift. YouTube and GoogleVideo have thumbnails (that are teeny and don’t do much good) while the other two sources don’t. Despite the fact that WorldTV is trying to filter objectionable content, they do warn that some the content is not suitable for work, home, etc.

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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