News Adds A Couple New Features

Amazing but oh-so-annoying to spell tag site ( ) has announced a couple of new features.

First one is The Network Badge, which allows you to put notes about your network on your site. You can get more information about it if you log in; otherwise when you go to you won’t get anything (can’t you at least show some samples on that page?)

Anyway, this is basically what it looks like:

You can also choose to list the number of people in your network and the number of fans that you have along with a link to your bookmarks. You can also change the icon a little bit, but that’s about it.

In addition to this new badge Del is also offering a way to see the most active users for a particular tag. If you go to a page for an active tag ( ), you’ll see one the right side of the page not only related tags, but also users who are active for the tag for which you’re searching. An interesting way to get another angle on finding similar bookmarks, via active tag users.

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