Database of Public and Private Schools, Google-Mapped

I didn’t even know there WERE 130,000 public and private K-12 schools in the US. Well, apparently there are, and now you can search them, get some demographic information, and even a Google map at

You can search by state and county or you can search by zip code. My usual search for 90210 found three results, including “El Rodeo Elementary.” For real. Green icons denote public schools while blue icons denote private ones. There’s a nice Google map showing you the location of your search results.

Getting the demographic information will take you one more step; click on the name of the school. You’ll get an entire page of data about the school, including grades offered, number of full-time-equivalent teachers, enrollment broken down by grade, and full contact information.

If you don’t want to search the database you can also browse by state and check out the schools broken down by county/district. In addition to the school information the site also has a couple of education-oriented news feed headlines made available on the site. A very quick site to search that provides a lot of information.

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