Find Independent Coffee Shops

You might like a cup of coffee now and again, but maybe you want to try something different for once besides the usual Starbucks and Peet’s. In that case check out indie coffee shops at, a national database of, as you might expect, of coffee shops around the US.

Google Map on the right, search form on the left that allows you to search by zip code and address, as well as filter by characteristic (offering non-smoking, wifi, outdoor seating, food, etc.) You can also browse the map if you like. Tags underneath indicate places that already have coffee shops listed — Washington DC and Milwaukee seem to have the most.

I searched for coffee shops within 10015, and got a refreshed maps with two cute little coffee cup icons. Clicking on them gave the essential details of the shop, including name and address. Clicking on Details gave popup window with yes/no information about the wifi, outdoor seating, non-smoking, etc. There are also comments (“espresso from Dallis Coffee, pastries from Zabar’s”) and a link for you to add your own comments.

The east coast seems to be the most populated, but I was surprised at the number of listings already here. Worth a look.

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