Metasearch BitTorrent Files

With the inclusion of .torrent support in the latest version of Opera, BitTorrent seems to be getting more popular. I’m seeing more Torrent tools popping up on my radar. One of the ones I’ve seen lately is called ScrapeTorrent, available at It’s free to use but donators get a few extras like additional sites to search and the ads pulled from the result pages.

ScrapeTorrent is a meta-search; your query will go to four Torrent search sites (including IsoHunt and TorrentSpy; one is currently down due to server errors but will apparently be back up tomorrow.). You have the option to sort by the number of seeds, the date, or the name of the Torrent. You also have the option to filter out zero-seed results. Results (in dark blue text on black background — ARGH, please, have mercy on my old-lady eyes) are additionally sorted by source. For querying four sites search results were incredibly zippy.

In addition to a straight Torrent meta-search, ScrapeTorrent also offers a Firefox extension and a limited set of preferences (like a porn filter and an ability to reset the font size, which helps the blue on black problem a bit.) Very fast, would be better if it were easier to read.

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