News And Research Roundup from Asia

ResearchSEA is a new resource providing both information about research coming out of Asia and pointers to experts in Asia. It’s available at .

From the front page, available research is broken up into several topics, including science, medicine, culture, technology, people, and business. Choose a section and you’ll be taken to a list of articles in that category, with the most recent articles first. Recent articles in Technology included “High-resolution fluorescence imaging”, “Biodegradable Cosmetics”, and “Palm oil and rubber wastes to stop landslides”. “Read More” links take you to press-release style overviews with the names of researchers but not contact information (you have to be a registered journalist to get the contact information.)

It looks like each topic only carries 50 articles at a time, but some topics are busier than others. The technology topic’s first five articles go back to August 3 at this writing, while the medicine topic only goes back to August 20. Members of the public and journalists can register with the site and elect to receive a daily or weekly digest of articles added to each topic.

In addition to the articles, there are several other resources on the site. “Focus On” are groups of resources, articles, and experts centered around one topic (currently there are three “Focus On” groups: Bird Flu, Peace and Conflict, and Women.) There’s a search engine that allows you to find experts by keyword (a search for pathology found two Malaysian experts and a search for manufacturing found experts from Malaysia, Pakistan, and Japan.) An events calendar lists notable scientific and medical events taking place in Asia (“First International Conference on the Medicinal Use of Honey”?) while an archive page lists releases by month.

Lots to see here.

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