Some New Features at PodZinger

Last February I reviewed a site called PodZinger. PodZinger, if you don’t remember, does machine transcription of podcasts and then makes the material searchable, which is just lovely. (And as far as I know they have that arena pretty much to themselves, which boggles the mind.) PodZinger’s at .

PodZinger has done some updating since I last covered them in February so I wanted to do a quick overview of what’s new. First is the scope: PodZinger is now searching more than a quarter-million audio AND VIDEO episodes. In addition to English, this now includes Spanish-language content. The Spanish search page is at .

PodZinger now has a Zing Index, where you can see what’s being talked about, which podcasts/vidcasts are being most viewed, etc. Right now the theme is labor day celebrations; if we don’t get a Zing Index to see which candidates are being talked the most about during election seasons, I’ll be deeply disappointed. Zing Index at

While you’re visiting PodZinger, check out BlogZinger at There’s information here on PodZinger features but also views on podcasting in general, themed podcast lists (podcasts that cover TV shows, etc.) and pointers to podcasting/vidcasting commentary. Nifty.

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