ResearchBuzz Roundup 090606 lets you search for smileys! Okay, sure, why not:

Heh. The Web 2.0 BS Generator: .

Line up all your Wiki options and compare ’em:

Compare Google and Yahoo maps side-by-side. Very nice:

Yahoo News & Media now has a blog category (ODP)

Automotive RSS feeds:

New search engine called ChaCha. Apparently it launched today but it’s so busy all it can offer me is a Pokemon ad and a request for my e-mail address. Story at Indy Star. The apparent hook with ChaCha is that it uses folks to help find things in real time. Quote: “The researchers, called ChaCha guides, get a base wage of $5 an hour. Top performers get $10 an hour. And, in a strategy to recruit quality employees and spread the word about ChaCha, guides who recruit their friends get a bonus.”

Free access to judicial decisions in New Zealand: .

New bibliographical online database in business ethics: details.

How search results differ based on accented characters:

Jim Stroud gives pointers on the best keywords recruiters can use when searching, and the syntax that goes with them, to get the best results.

Really nice: Google Maps longitude and latitude popup .

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