ClipBlast Aggregates Video from Around the Web

You know about YouTube and all those other videos that host generated content and allow search. ClipBlast is a little different. It aggregates content from sites that are not as large as YouTube and other such sources but carry video content — sites like CBS, Today Show, CNBC, and Expanded Books. It’s available at . (Actually looking at it I see that ClipBlast does index content from YouTube, but they’re pretty picky. They have less than 4,000 clips from YouTube indexed.)

The site starts of with a “Real-time Index” of newly added content which lists small thumbnails of content along with a description, source, and category. There are links to view the clip (on the originating site) share it, save it to a “My ClipBlast” area, and share it via an e-mail message with a link. There’s also a details page for each clip, but it doesn’t do much more than provide an expanded description. It doesn’t provide things I would expect from a clip page, like clip length and file type. (As ClipBlast doesn’t host the content it indexes it may have a hard time getting clip length.)

In addition to looking at clips as they’re added, you can also view a list of editor’s picks, popular clips, clips by category, and clips by provider. A search engine allows keyword search; a search for space shuttle found over 1500 clips from providers including CNN, BBC, CBS, and Reuters Video. If you want to see the second page of results, you don’t click on “next” or a page number or something like that; you click on “older”. To see the last page of results you click on “oldest.”

If you want to save clips to the My ClipBlast tab, you’ll need to register. Registration is nice and basic (user name, password, and e-mail.) While I appreciate statements like “ClipBlast will never sell your e-mail to anyone. Period.” I would like a more overt privacy policy statement please. The one above leaves too many questions, like, “So you won’t sell it but maybe you’ll give e-mail address lists to business partners?”

ClipBlast does have a blog ( ) but it seems to be more of a pointer to video clips than information about updates to the site or new technology. I like ClipBlast, and I like the idea of a site aggregating content from sites that are not primarily video oriented, but there’s more I’d like to see here: more details on the clip detail pages, an overt privacy policy, and maybe more information and updates about ClipBlast’s technology and offerings.

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