Timeshifting TV, Missing a Tool

I realized the other day that aside from a news broadcast I watch every morning, pretty much all the TV I watch is timeshifted. (Timeshifted is just a fancy word for saying I record it when it comes on and watch it later.) I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the TV I do manage to watch is always later, usually well after the original broadcast.

Most of the time this doesn’t matter, but occasionally it does when I want to watch a sports event. I want to watch it, and I don’t want to know who won beforehand. Unfortunately when you surf news sites, you have the potential to run into stories or summaries that spill the beans. When I know that one team beat the other, I usually lose my interest in watching the game. I still haven’t watched the Colts/Giants matchup (or rather, Manning/Manning) because I accidentally saw a game summary on Yahoo News. And I don’t want to have to avoid news summaries until I actually get around to watching the game!

So here’s what I’m looking for; someone out there let me know if it exists. I’d like to add an extension to Firefox (maybe a standalone extension, maybe a Greasemonkey script) that would allow me to enter words and phrases. When Firefox visited a page that had more than a certain density of those words and phrases (I dunno, maybe the words repeated more than twice, maybe an actual percentage calculation) a stylesheet would be applied that would render the entire page blank.

I know this sounds a bit cheesy and very easy to get around. But it wouldn’t be for massive security purposes. It would just be a tool so I could enjoy an occasional timeshifted Colts or Cubbies game.

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