Look For Movies Filmed in Your Area

What’s the deal with the applications named with an r at the end instead of er? The latest one I’ve found is called Moviemappr, and allows you to find movie film locations on a Google Map. Nice idea, though some locations provide more information than others.

Moviemappr is available at . When you get there you can either browse the map or search for a location in the US. The first one I searched for was Wilmington, NC — lots of movies and TV shows get filmed there. I got a Google map with locations picked out, and on the right a list of locations and movie/TV show titles. The locations ranged from very specific (Laney High School) to not specific at all (“Wilmington”. Some cities I looked at had no specific locations at all, just the city name). Clicking on the location takes you to it on the map (or to the center of town if the location is just a city name) while clicking on the show/movie name gives you a popup with artwork from Amazon (how about a link to the IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes?)

If you don’t want to search by location there’s an advanced search option that allows you to search by movie name, and that’s how I discovered that Redneck Zombies was filmed in Delmar, Maryland. This search is amazingly open ended — it includes full words and parts of words. Do a search for zombie and look at how many of the results cluster in DC, Michigan, and California.

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