Podcasting Software MT-Podcast Offered for Free to Hobbyists

I don’t know too much about this software, but thought it might be interesting to pass along. MagneticTime, at , is offering their MT-Podcast product free to hobbyist bloggers. (The name is a little unfortunate; glancing at it you might think the product is just for Movable Type. But actually MT stands for MagneticTime.)

MT-Podcast uses text-to-speech software to create podcasts from text files (or, I suppose, blog entries.) If you’re interested in trying it for your site, e-mail . “Eligible bloggers” (words from the press release) will be sent instructions. If you want more information about MT-Podcast, you can check out an early 2006 press release, but I don’t see a specific page devoted to it on MagneticTime’s Web site. Did I miss it?

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