Google Notebook, New Features

Last May I reviewed the newly-released Google Notebook. And it was good. At least it was interesting and really easy to use. Google’s added some new features which make the Notebook a little bit easier to use, though I’d still like to see templates for seeing up a Notebook.

The list of new features is available at There’s a new drag-n-drop feature that allows you to move snippets within notebooks or between notebooks. There’s also a trash and undo feature, and a way to put your notebook on your Google homepage.

And Google has really improved the sharing feature. Instead of making things just public or not public, you can invite people to share the notebook (they’ll have to have a Google Account to do this, which Google will help them set up.) You can also uninvite people or withdraw your notebook from public availability, though this is a little awkward to do. See the FAQ for more details.

One more thing. If you want to see how popular Google Notebook is you can search for the contents of publicly-available notebooks at . I searched for notebook contents there, and then I tried searching from the regular Google page (by picking some query words and adding the search modifier Maybe it was the query words I used but I got more results from the general Web search engine. So if I need to search for Google Notebooks contents I’ll go there first.

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