Daypop Pooped?

I hadn’t checked in for a long time, so I wondered what was going on with one of the first blog search engines, Daypop. The URL for Daypop is but there’s no need to go there because there’s not much going on.

The site says “Daypop down until further notice… Sorry for the inconvenience. After adding a bunch of submitted sites, Daypop no longer has enough memory to calculate the Top 40 and other Top pages. If there’s no simple fix, Daypop won’t be back up until a new search/analysis engine is in place. A new engine will take at least a month to get online.”

Checking my fresh site bookmark notes that the page was apparently updated May 11, so I don’t know if Daypop is ever coming back. It’s a shame; it was one of the first blog search engines, Dan Chan did a lot of work on it, and if he’d only started up doing all this post-bubble hideyho someone might have bought it. We miss you Daypop!

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