Technorati Rolls Out a Newsletter and Vlog

Technorati has announced a new weekly (Friday) newsletter, the Buzz Monitor, which sounds like it’s a weekly review of the blogosphere zeitgeist. (Great name for a punk band.) From the announcement in my e-mail: “We’ll pipe you headlines from the blogosphere, photos from our members, tips and tricks for our publishers, and guides for our users.”

Strangely enough I can’t find any kind of signup for the newsletter on Technorati’s front page. If you sign up for an account, you have an option to get a newsletter. And you can get a big list of popular stuff in a variety of different categories at Maybe I just missed it … No, wait, I tell a lie, I found a page about it at Unfortunately all it says is “Coming Soon”…

One other thing Technorati has, but I didn’t see it mentioned in the newsletter announcement, is a new daily “vlog” which they’re posting in their blog. You can see the first one at

It was kind of odd to go through the very slick intro and then as the presentation get two folks standing in front of a microwave. Not that there’s anything wrong with microwaves. It’s just that after Aaron (did I catch his name correctly?) reached over, took the coffee cup, and drank while Liz was talking, I kept expecting to hear Dave Sifry off-camera: “Are you guys finished yet??! I want to heat up my Hot Pocket!”

So CNN it’s not, but if I wanted to watch CNN, I’d turn on the TV. And besides, it’s amazing brass (in a good way) to commit to a 3-4 minute video show five days a week. One suggestion: put the captions with the URL a little lower so it’s against the counter (a bit easier to read.) And I liked Peter Herschberg (sp?) but I couldn’t quite keep up with what he was talking about; I needed a little more context.

So, buzz and video’d news, coming your way from Technorati…

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