Search Just for Amazon Prime Items

John Krystynak dropped me a note to let me know about his new Amazon Prime Finder, but it was already in my queue thanks to the most awesome Amazon Web Services Blog. If you have an Amazon Prime membership you’ll appreciate this search. You’ll even appreciate it if you find yourself wading through a lot of marginal/unavailable items in your search results.

Basically, Amazon Prime, at , searches just for items covered by Amazon’s Prime membership, their all-you-can-eat-two-day-shipping program (details at

Running the search gives you a plain list of results with links to additional results in various categories. Clicking on one will take you to the appropriate Amazon page, while clicking on a category name will open up another list of results within Prime Finder.

I don’t use Amazon Prime and I have no plans to. But I do find myself searching for things on Amazon and constantly running into results where items aren’t available, or are only available from an obscure third-party merchant, or will ship in 4-6 weeks. Prime Finder cuts through a lot of that gunk. Maybe he’ll tweak up another one that forces Amazon to be more precise in its search results — if I try to do the slightest-bit of general searching I end up feeling overwhelmed. And hey, maybe a way to sort by availability?

Writing up all the things I would do differently with Amazon’s search would take me about six hours….

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