Browsing for Amazon Items With Flowser

Amazon’s search mechanism drives me insane on a regular basis. I’m always happy to find new ways to search it that aren’t available on the Amazon Web site. The most recent one I’ve looked at is called Flowser, the US version of which is available at You’ll need Flash and JavaScript enabled to use it.

I played with the demo version, doing some keyword searches. You can do keyword searches or explore by category. Do a simple keyword search and Flowser will give you a visual search result broken out by categories. (As you move your mouse Flowser will make various beep and boop noises. This is very adorable.) Hold your mouse over an item and you’ll get additional information like categories and a summary of reviews.

Flowser Click on the item and you’ll get a larger window with product image (if available), a tab for reviews, and pricing information. From there you can add the item to your shopping cart (of course) or start exploring another category. The pages load quickly and I like how quickly layers of information can be accessed. Nicely done.

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