ResearchBuzz Roundup 110606

My buddy James Derk has eight kids. COUNT ‘EM EIGHT! He also has a new book about these eight kids. Check out Hungarian Rhapsody: An Adoption Story
at Amazon.

New Central New York Library Resources Council Blog:

Vintage Penguin Book Covers. Props to Cool Hunting.

Zillow gets an API.

Records of freed slaves to go online:

Compare drug prices in Florida:

Oooo, a blog for research at UC Davis! Egghead’s at

New York Review of Books on Google’s book endeavors.

Google buys YouTube in stock deal. Actually I could have written,
“Google buys circus of intellectual property lawsuits waiting to happen in stock deal.”

Database of musicians in Madison, Wisconsin — the Madison Music Project: .

PBS Programs Now Available on iTunes.

When I hear stock exchange commercials during baseball games, I start getting horrified 1999 flashbacks.

New digital archive documenting the University of Pittsburgh:

Britons invited to blog their everyday lives:

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