Search Engine for Legal Blogs Only

There’s a new search engine that searches for legal blogs only (or as legal blogs are sometimes called, “blawgs”). If you didn’t think there were many out there, check this out: is currently indexing around 600 blogs with plans to add “many more”.

The front page of the site provides several tools for a quick overview: a tag cloud (both of post tags and recent search terms), a list of the most popular blogs, and a directory of blogs indexed sorted by category, from “Admiralty Law” to “Trials and Litigation”. (The most populated categories seemed to be Intellectual Property Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law.) A list at the bottom of the page shows the most recent posts.

Searching is by simple keyword. A search for litigation at this moment provides 988 results. Though the results are defaulted by relevance instead of date (grr) they have plenty of information, including summary, title, date of post, and name and URL of the blog. There’s also a keyword-based RSS feed available.

If you’re more interested in finding law blogs, you can browse the directory at, which breaks out the blogs by category as well as by state and country, with a pointer to a few other legal blog directories. Legal bloggers interested in participating in the search engine are invited to suggest a blawg. For those interested in legal blogging in general, there’s a brief and general resource list available.

Nicely done.

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