Apparently Daypop is Back?

I noticed when I was going through my RSS feeds that the Daypop Top 40 was once again generating entries (the feed was last updated in my reader on May 2.)

I went to Daypop and apparently the search engine is back — the top 40 looks great, very low spam, though the Word Bursts are generating very odd results (“mattered”?)There’s also a top news link.

Of course Daypop still has a search engine. I went and ran a few searches and it looks like Daypop has been indexing for a while — the results are fresh and recent. Unfortunately Daypop suffers from indexing entire pages instead of RSS feeds — there are many times when you get results that are nothing but mentions in link lists (full-page indexing also means that sorting by date doesn’t really work.) There also don’t appear to be too many blogs indexed at this point. On the other hand the results that you get are pretty spam-free, though certain trigger words (drugs) will get some gunk in your search results.

When I first noticed that Daypop was back, I went to the site and then went to the weblog to find out what happened. Unfortunately the most recent entry on the blog is over a year old, so your guess is as good as mine.

Whatever the case, I’m glad Daypop appears to be on the scene again. Welcome back Dan!

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