Back, With Things to Remember

I don’t really want ResearchBuzz to be the place where I unload all my troubles, but there are a few things I think I need to write out before I get back to writing about Internet stuff. Those of you here for the ResearchBuzz, feel free to skip this. A newsletter will come out tomorrow.

Things I learned this past week:

I learned there were many kinds of grief. There’s the grief for what has happened, the grief of regret (you never think you’ve said enough or done enough or spent enough time) and the grief of looking toward a future that’s a little emptier. And then there’s what I think is the worst grief, watching someone else grieving and worrying about them. Grief has facets; I didn’t know this.

I learned that sometimes no matter how much you would like to, you can’t say the right thing because there’s nothing you can say. All you can do is be there.

I learned that in some contexts, the oddest things can be comforting and the most mundane things can be horrific.

I learned that it’s perfectly all right to cry at a funeral. However, if you do it’s better to leave your mouth a little open because otherwise you might snort and then everyone will look at you INCLUDING THE PREACHER.

I learned that I (still) love doing ResearchBuzz and I missed you guys a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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