Five Things Folks Don’t Know About Me

Okay, I was tagged by Danny, so I guess I’ll play. Warning: I am a very dull person.

1) I am a DDR freak. I bought the game when it first came out and have purchased every version for the Playstation and PS2. Occasionally I will go to the mall and be That Old Lady Who Plays DDR.

2) I used to write fiction when I was younger but haven’t done it for ages. I want to get back to writing fiction but I’m not sure how (been writing nonfiction for too long.)

3) When I was a kid, my parents owned several of Bill Cosby’s albums from the late 1960s and early 1970s. I listened to them so many times that I got letter-perfect on some of the routines. However there were many routines and punchlines that I didn’t understand until I was much, much older (like the one about Midol…)

4) I have a cat whom I have taught to drop back for a pass, fetch, lay down flat, stand up, and kill bugs on request. (“On Command” is way overstating it.) When we first got her (she was a stray) our house was not kittenproofed so she had to live in our bedroom for a couple of weeks. I figured she would want company while I was at work so I left the TV on. The only channel I could think of that wouldn’t have loud or disturbing noises was the Home Shopping Network. Because of that (I think) our cat does not meow; she murmurs, grumbles, chuffs, and occasionally gurgles, constantly frustrated in her attempts to sell us something for $49.99….

5) I read westerns. Isn’t that weird? I’m the only person I know who reads westerns. It started when I really wanted something to read and there was NOTHING available. I gave in to a Louis L’Amour book that was lying around — I think it was Fallon. Anyway, I’ve read almost all the L’Amour books. I also love Elmer Kelton (he’s an amazing writer) and Elmore Leonard. I generally don’t read series, though I did read Kelton’s “Badger Boy” books. Currently I’m reading a lot of Robert Conley, a Cherokee who writes some funny, funny Westerns. Look for the Kid Parmlee books if you like screwball comedy.

The best part about this is that now I get to tag other people. Okay, I will tag Jessamyn, Steven, the mysterious Librarian in Black, Karen, the Free Range Librarian, and, to go off in a completely different direction, Bill Harris.

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