ResearchBuzz Roundup 122506

Woo Hoo! The Library of Congress has RSS feeds. Thanks Steven.

Google is now accepting applications for the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. Deadline is January 15.

The Online Education DataBase put ResearchBuzz in their Top 100 Blog List. Awww, thanks! The avalanche of guilt for not posting for the last ten days commences… NOW.

The Year In Ask 2006: .

New features in Blogger:

Note to self — read this later: the Mechanical Turk Getting Started Guide.

Pharmacy Information on the Internet — a roundup:

Nike+iPod as a tracking device. Um, ick.

Online Exhibit: Oregon responds to WWII.

Which J. Smith is which? VERY nice.

Track bills in Arkansas:

Newton’s Theory of Everything:

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