Google Answers In 2007 — New Service, 365 Answers

Google Answers is gone, but it lives on in archives and new services.

XooxleAnswers is a new service started by David Sarokin, who was a Google Answers researcher under the name pafalafa-ga (to search his archived questions and answers, modify pafalafa-ga inurl:answers with the keywords of your choice at Google.) His new service is available at . The site contains some already-answered questions as well as some additional details on the service.

The pricing strategy for the service is more like a traditional research service — that is, hourly instead of bids. The service is $10 minimum, no maximum. See the rest of the Frequently-Asked-Questions for the site at .

And as long as we’re talking about Google Answers. Andy Czernek has started a calendar of Google Answers at . 365 Days of fun facts and links to the associated Google Answers. Today’s Answers link, for example, is “A guide to White House declarations and commemorative days for the year”. There’s also an RSS feed available for the calendar.

It’s amazing to me how much I’m hearing about people reusing the content of Google Answers or going off and starting their own services or teaming up for information exchanges. And Andy’s creating a calendar is a terrific idea. I wonder what would happen if Google shut down some of their other services?

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