Fagan Finder Updates Image Search

Michael Fagan has announced an update to his image search. You might remember FaganFinder from a few years ago — it’s a multiple search engine interface covering a variety of resources. He’s hasn’t done much with it for a while, but recently took some time to update the image search part, which you can check out at .

At the moment the site contains over 60 search resources and over 40 external links. The top of the page is a search box and lots of query buttons to search a variety of resources. They’re divided into categories including health, artwork, stock photos, and news & blogs. Underneath that are links to external resources which point to photographs, additional information about image searching, archives, link listings, and more.

Finally at the bottom you’ll see some notes about graphics on the Web in general and a few useful links.

It’s not fancy, but who cares? This page is absolutely crammed with useful graphics information.

Categories: News