ResearchBuzz Roundup 011407

Using Wikipedia to make computers smarter:

Really specialized job sites — .

Google to give out real-time stock quotes for free? Ikes. .

Congratulations to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five for their recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nod. They’re the first hiphop artists to be inducted into the Hall. Who’s next? Maybe Jimmy Spicer!

BitTorrent becomes BitTyrant: .

African American Women in Iowa Digital Collection: . Materials ranging from 1924 to 1970.

New site for leaked documents: Wikileaks .

Hey! Mazda has an online museum!

A bill has been proposed to create a national database for slave records. Details: . “The Preservation of Records of Servitude, Emancipation and Post-Civil War Reconstruction Act (H.R. 390) would establish an electronic database in the National Archives to house records from the Southern Claims Commission, the Freedman’s Bank, slave payrolls and slave manifests.”

The best free Web Reference Sites (thanks AS!) gets redesigned.

All about Branson-Springfield: .

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