Directory of Radio Podcasts Also Offers Directory of Business Blogs

A little while ago I mentioned a business podcast directory called iBizRadio . It’s been brought to my attention that the same company that runs this resource also has a resource called iBlog Business, a directory of business and corporate bloggers.

iBlog Business seems to have more content than the podcast directory, with a searchable subject index of over 1100 blogs. Subjects linked from the front page include Financial Services, Industrial, and Legal and Law, of course. Categories also have sub-categories. Listings include name and brief description of blogs, and icons for getting the RSS feed, a link to the home page, a link to a detail page with Alexa rating information, and a link to rate the blog.

There’s also a very nice search engine here. I’m told that this directory crawls its included blogs’ feeds once every 24 hours (thus no need for pinging) and the search engine includes the ability to search for blogs, search for posts, or restrict your searches to content from the last 14 days. A search for biodiesel found about 10 results. Unfortunately the search engine doesn’t appear to list results by date, just relevance.

This directory apparently only accepts about 25% of the submissions that it gets — I found the listings for the most part to be pretty good, though occasionally the descriptions didn’t give enough information. You can get lists of new blogs added at and a list of the most popular blogs at . Aaaaand FAQs for the whole shebang are at .

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